PICList Projects

These projects have come from the PICList community. They are good general purpose usefull projects for beginners with lasting value for the experts and great code samples to augment the routine library.

The Weeder Frequency Counter PIC 16F84 port by Peter Cousens: Open source, very clever and a usefull tool.

4 bit 16x2 Hitachi LCD driver by Al Borowski Get "Hello World" on a display.

Roman Black's Shift-1 serial LCD driver and project board

Motors PIC Microcontoller Input / Output Methods for Perminant Magnet Motors

High Voltage PWM Prototyping tool: PWM Generator, Variable Freqency, Duty Cycle and Voltage, Potentiometer controlled, 2x16 LCD Display by Jinx

LCD based PIC Register Monitor by Jinx

The Burdette switcher: A simple switching power supply using only junk box or "off the shelf from Radio Shack" components

BasicComm a Visual Basic program for serial communication with the PIC.

PIC INSIDER by Atanasios Melimopoulos A new ICD aproach. Just connect it to any (user selected) single I/O pin of your pic-hardware and you will have a complete free debugging tool for any 12Fxxx, 16Fxxx and 18Fxxxx PIC-based application.

Ralph Stickleys' Serial Register Monitor: Borland C 3.1, DOS program and PIC asm code for RS-232 Poll and display all on-chip variables. Parses the MPLINK map file for symbolic display.

John Andrews' PICos for the 17C756. Monitor and change registers, port pins, A2D, Capture channels and PWM, send and recieve data to / from I2C and EEPROM via simple text commands on USART1.

"Free" ICD: Build your own In Circuit Debugger and program and DEBUG the newer PICs

PIC 16F628 GSM Monitoring and Control System Four inputs, one power output prepared for monitoring and controlling through SMS messages on your mobile phone. Send a SMS and turn on the relay. Get an SMS if the inputs are activated or the power is lost.

Denis Petrov's wwwPic The first free source web server in a PIC.

Andrew D. Vassallo's Simon game.

Roman Black's  Linistepper motor controller: Open source, build your own or buy a cheap PCB or kit. Get things moving!

Delay Code Generator

Brendon Archibald's Psychoanalytical (restarting countdown) Timer

Simple Bike Computer by Fred Maher

From the CHEAPIC tutorial:

The BOB board

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The PICList Free PCB contest

CUMP Communitary Universal Microcontroller Programmer (a work in progress)


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