Internet eMail Servers (smtp / pop3)

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eMail Servers (Mail Transfer Agent: MTA)


Note: How to open graphic files attached to an email from a MAC user when you are on AOL.

  1. Change the extension of the file to .sit and try to open it. If this produces a graphic file, you are done.
  2. If the attachement won't open as a .sit change it to .zip. If this produces a group of graphic files, you are NOT done.
  3. Change the extension of each of the resulting files to .sit and open them. This should produce an actuall graphic file.

Why people get winmail.dat attachements

MS Exchange sends it's e-mail as an RTF file to other MS Exchange clients so the original formatting can be viewed by the recipient. However, when MS Exchange sends the e-mail message to non MS Exchange mail clients it sends the file as a normal text only document (read: industry standard) and as a binary encoded attachment (winmail.dat) also containing any data files attached to the email that can be decoded (see and viewed as an RTF document in a Windows (or MacIntosh) word processor or other program.

If someone is using MS Exchange (or perhaps even MS Internet Explorer) for EITHER the PC or MacIntosh to send e-mail to this list they may be INADVERTENTLY sending the winmail.dat attachment too. This could be done with a PC or MacIntosh. It's not platform specific. A user can configure MS Exchange to disable the winmail.dat feature to everyone on their e-mail list or to a select few.

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